Introduction to Human Studies - International students, 1st year - summer semester

Last update: 16. 5. 2018

  1. Humanism and medicine
  2. Human needs and their projection on medical care
  3. Psychic development, life span and related tasks of medicine (plus Erikson┤s stages of development)
  4. Conscious and unconscious, rational and irrational, real and fantastic in life, behaviour, and seeking and consuming medical care
  5. Totalitarian and democratic structures and their reflections and infiltrations in the medical world
  6. Medical sociology
  7. Health care system as a valueladen institution
  8. Medicalization of life in modern societies
  9. Pregnancy and child birth
  10. Early care: newborns, infants toddlers
  11. Compliance among patients and doctors
  12. Personality (also doctor┤s and patient┤s personality)
  13. Memory and intelligence (and relation to medical practice)
  14. Social support and health
  15. Physical activity and health
  16. Physicall disability
  17. Placebo and health
  18. Alcoholism, drug abuse and health
  19. Smoking behaviour and health
  20. Unemployment and health
  21. Cultural, ethnic and religious problems in medicine
  22. General cancer
  23. AIDS and HIV
  24. Civilisation disorders
  25. Genetic medicine and society (ethical issues)
  26. Psychiatric care (drugs or psychotherapy?) and society
  27. Mental retardation and society
  28. Obesity, health and society
  29. Assisted reproduction and ethical issues
  30. Palliative care today
  31. Human enhancement
  32. Difficult patients and violence against medical professionals
  33. Future of medicine
  34. Disaster medicine
  35. Confidentiality in medicine

Total number of questions: 35

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