Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine - International students, 5th year

Last update: 26. 9. 2017

  1. BLS, AED
  2. ALS, shockable and non-shockable rhythm
  3. Devices and drugs for ALS
  4. Defibrillation, cardioversion, pacing
  5. ALS in children and newborns, differences between children and adults
  6. Pathophysiology of respiratory failure
  7. Respiratory failure, types, treatment
  8. Oxygen therapy
  9. Mechanical ventilation, basic terms, indications, modes of MV
  10. ARDS, ALI, COPD, status astmaticus in intensive care
  11. Shock, pathophysiology and basic types
  12. Hypovolemic shock, treatment
  13. Distributive shock, treatment
  14. Cardiogenic shock, treatment, acute coronary syndrome
  15. Obstructive shock, treatment
  16. Most frequent arrhythmias in IC, treatment, bradycardia, tachycardia
  17. Pharmacology of vegetative nerve system
  18. Volume replacement treatment, crystaloides, coloides, blood derivatives
  19. Acid base disorders, treatment
  20. Parenteral and enteral nutrition, indications
  21. Acute poisoning, treatment
  22. Acute renal failure in intensive care, treatment, CRRT
  23. Loss of consciosness, causes, examination, evaluation
  24. Brain oedema, intracranial hypertension, pathophysiology and treatment
  25. Head trauma in intensive care
  26. Brain death diagnosis, organ donors, organ transplantations
  27. Disorders of haemocoagulation in intensiv care, treatment, DIC
  28. Multiple trauma in intensive care
  29. Burns in intensive care
  30. Sepsis, MODS/MOF - definition, pathophysiology, treatment
  31. Preparation for general anaesthesia, examination before GA, premedication, acute/elective surgery
  32. General anaesthesia, basic terms, types, indications
  33. Inhalation anaesthetics, intravenous anaesthetics
  34. Musclerelaxants, opiods
  35. Transfer, transport, immediate postoperative care
  36. Local anaesthesie, basic terms, types, indications, contraindications
  37. Local anaesthetics, adverse reactions, treatment, prevention
  38. Epidural and subarachnoidal anaesthesia
  39. Anaesthesia choice, general versus local anaesthesia
  40. Postoperative care and analgesia
  41. Perioperative management and monitoring of patients

Total number of questions: 41

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