Public Health - International students, 4th year

Last update: 16. 9. 2013

Public health

  1. The role of public health
  2. Determinants of health
  3. Demography – populations and population dynamics - basic concept and measures
  4. Demographic trends in the Czech Republic
  5. Financial data, network and activity of health establishments, manpower and health education in the Czech Republic
  6. International health organizations – WHO, UNICEF
  7. Health promotion programs
  8. Primary health care
  9. Home care
  10. Quality in health care
  11. Health policy
  12. The scope of health economics
  13. Payment of health care services
  14. National health care system
  15. Health care system in selected countries
  16. Health care system in the Czech Republic
  17. Social security systems in international perspective
  18. Health and social care for children with disability
  19. Socio-educational care for children with mental disability
  20. Ethnic minority in the CR from public health perspective
  21. Disability and ageing. Health and social care of elderly
  22. Child abuse and neglect
  23. Children at risk, the convention on the rights of the child
  24. Substitute family care – adoption, foster care, SOS children villages

Preventive medicine

  1. Mental health protection
  2. Cancer risk factors,primary and secondary prevention
  3. The role of nutrition in cardiovascular disease prevention
  4. Smoking - health, socila,economical and ecological problem
  5. Smoking cessetion methods
  6. The role of fat soluble vitamins in disease prevention
  7. The role of water soluble vitamins in disease prevention
  8. The role of minerals in disease prevention
  9. Involuntary smoking and health
  10. Injury prevention in a community level, injury epidemiology
  11. Physical aktivity in noncommunicable disease prevention
  12. Alternative nutrition,national diets
  13. Dietary guidelines in health and disease prevention
  14. Health counseling in noncommunicable disease prevention
  15. Senior injury prevention
  16. Child injury prevention
  17. Health determinants, living conditions,environment,lifestyle
  18. Nutritional status assesment
  19. Lifestyle and noncommunicable diseases
  20. New trends in nutrition,functional foods,nutraceuticals
  21. Global environmental problems
  22. Indoor environment
  23. Ionizing radiation
  24. Non-ionizing radiation
  25. Toxic chemicals in the environment
  26. Occupational health and safety
  27. Noise as a health problem
  28. Drinking water
  29. Health risk prevention in school environment
  30. Foodborne disease prevention
  31. Environment and health
  32. Air pollution, health effect, primary and secondary emissions
  33. Soil health risk, solid waste
  34. Food contaminants
  35. Food additives
  36. Water related health risk
  37. International environmental agreements
  38. Global warming
  39. Waste water
  40. Food safety and control

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