Stomatology - International students, 4th year

Last update: 4. 12. 2012

  1. Foetor ex ore - differential diagnosis
  2. Hygiene of the oral cavity - stomatologic aids and their use
  3. Primary and permanent dentition - differentiation primary and permanent teeth in the oral cavity; Eruption of the teeth from the chronological point of view, teeth´ morphology, teeth labeling
  4. Anesthesia in stomatology: dividing, indications
  5. Complications of local anesthesia
  6. X-ray for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery
  7. Review and categorization of dentures
  8. Herpetic gingivostomatitis- clinical pictures, etiology, therapy
  9. Ulceration gingivostomatitis - clinical pictures, etiology, therapy
  10. Dental cavities - therapy, filling materials
  11. Gingivitis - classification, symptoms, etiology, therapy
  12. Dental cavities - prevention, signs of tooth decay
  13. Pulpitis - etiology, symptoms, therapy
  14. Endodontic treatment - principal, indications
  15. Necrosis and gangrene of dental pulp - etiology, symptoms, therapy
  16. Periapical periodontitis - diagnosis, symptoms, therapy
  17. Dental pain - differential diagnosis
  18. Fractures of lower jaw - predilection, signs, therapy
  19. Hard tissue tooth injury, review, therapy
  20. Osteomyelitis in children and adults
  21. Spreading of the orofacial inflammations
  22. Tooth luxation, therapy, prognosis
  23. Complications and consequences of the inflammations around the jaws
  24. Etiology and survey of the fractures facial skeleton
  25. Fractures of the floor of the orbits, etiology, symptoms, treatment and possible consequences
  26. Complications of the teeth extractions
  27. Indications and kontraindications of the teeth extractions
  28. Fractures of the alveolar ridge, symptoms, treatment
  29. Fractures of the zygomatic-maxillary complex and zygomatic arch fractures
  30. Parodontitis - aethilogy, signs, therapy, prevention
  31. First aid by injuries of the face, principles of treatment of the skin and mucosal wounds in the orofacial area
  32. Fractures Le Fort I-III. The course lines of the fractures and principles of immobilisation.
  33. Complications of healing of an extraction wound
  34. Inflammations of the lymph-nodes in the orofacial area
  35. Principles of the diagnostic and treatment of the malignant tumors in the orofacial area
  36. Oncologic preventions: dispensarisation, screening
  37. The survey of the benign tumors of the orofacial area
  38. Dysfunction and Arthralgia of the mandibular joint - incidence , etiology, clinical pictures, therapy
  39. Inflammation of the salivary glands -symptoms, treatment
  40. Carcinomas and sarcomas in the orofacial area
  41. Sialolithiasis - symptoms, therapy
  42. Diseases of the tongue
  43. Possibility of the treatment of the anomalies of the facial skeleton
  44. Facial clefts - morphology characteristics, incidence in the population, method in the treatment
  45. Fixed and removable orthodontic appliance, advantages and disadvantages
  46. Incidence and variants of orthodontics anomalies in a given population
  47. Fixed and removable dentures
  48. Pain in the orofacial region
  49. Treatment of high-risk patients
  50. Cysts in the orofacial region
  51. Dental implantology - osseointegraion, (contra)indications

Total number of questions: 51

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