Rehabilitation - International students, 4th year


  1. Functional assessment in rehabilitation, kinesiologic analysis
  2. Rehabilitation methods – overview, basic principles
  3. Manual techniques in treatment of locomotor system dysfunction (mobilization, manipulation, post-isometric relaxation etc.)
  4. Developmental kinesiology, functional assessment of babies
  5. Pediatric rehabilitation
  6. Rehabilitation aims, WHO definitions: impairment, disability, handicap
  7. Strength training in physiotherapy
  8. Rehabilitation in internal medicine
  9. Rehabilitation in locomotor system dysfunction, DNS concept
  10. Rehabilitation after spinal cord lesion
  11. Electrotherapy – aims, types, basic principles
  12. Occupational Therapy & Social rehabilitation
  13. Rehabilitation in orthopedic medicine
  14. Rehabilitation in neurology
  15. Cardiopulmonology rehabilitation
  16. Instrumental assessment in rehabilitation (stability assessment, surface EMG, dynamometry, range of motion measurement etc)
  17. Rehabilitation & Pain Management
  18. Orthotics & Prosthetics

Total number of questions: 18

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