Ophthalmology - International students, 4th year


  1. proptosis, enopthalmos
  2. preseptal cellulitis, orbital cellulitis, orbital abscess
  3. entropion, ektropion
  4. ptosis, lagophthalmos, blepharospasm
  5. acute and chronic blepharitis
  6. dacryocystitis, dycryoadenitis
  7. obstruction of the lacrimal drainage system
  8. neonatal conjunctivitis, prevention
  9. acute and chronic conjunctivitis
  10. adenoviral keratoconjunctivitis, chlamydial conjunctivitis
  11. allergic conjunctivitis
  12. corneal degenerations and dystrophies
  13. superficial and interstitial keratitis
  14. viral keratitis (herpes simplex keratitis, herpes zoster ophthalmicus)
  15. differential diagnosis of low corneal transparency
  16. keratoplasty, indications
  17. acute and chronic uveitis
  18. ocular tumors in adults
  19. primary open-angle glaucoma
  20. glaucoma in children (congenital, infantile, juvenile)
  21. secondary glaucomas
  22. antiglaucomatic drugs
  23. glaucoma surgery
  24. differential diagnosis of acute angle-closure glaucoma, iritis and conjunctivitis
  25. disorders of the lens position, aphakia and secondary cataract
  26. management of congenital cataract
  27. age-related cataract
  28. differential diagnosis of the ‘red eye’: superficial and deep redness (=injection)
  29. pacient´s symptoms in eye diseases
  30. examination of anterior segment of the eye
  31. hyperopia
  32. myopia
  33. astigmatism, surgical correction of refractive errors
  34. accommodation, disorders of accomodation, presbyopia
  35. retinopathy of prematurity
  36. hereditary retinal dystrophies
  37. diabetic retinopathy, treatmen
  38. hypertensive retinopathy
  39. retinal vein occlusion, retinal artery occclusion
  40. ischemic optic neuropaty
  41. age-related macular degeneration
  42. rhegmatogenous (=primary) retinal detachement
  43. secondary retinal detachment (tractional, exsudative, subretinal tumors)
  44. central serous retinopathy
  45. optic neuritis (retrobulbar, intraocular)
  46. optic disc swelling (papiledema)
  47. differential diagnosis of papiledema and intraocular optic neuritis
  48. differential diagnosis of optic disc atrophy
  49. ocular malignancies in childhood (retinoblastoma, rhabdomyosarkoma)
  50. leukokoria in childhood, developmental anomalies of the eye
  51. concomitant strabismus
  52. paralytic strabismus
  53. amblyopia - types and therapy
  54. blunt ocular trauma
  55. corneal erosion, conjunctival foreign body, corneal foreign body
  56. penetrating ocular injury
  57. enucleation of the eye - indications
  58. pars plana vitrectomy, indications
  59. chemical burn of the eye
  60. ocular burn by ultraviolet radiation
  61. sudden visual loss
  62. slow and progressive visual loss
  63. disorders of the visual pathway, visual field defects
  64. examination of vision, low vision, blindness and compensatory devices
  65. urgent ophthalmology (emergency medicine in ophthalmology)
  66. systemic diseases and the eye
  67. examination of the posterior segment of the eye
  68. the use of lasers in ophthalmology

Total number of questions: 68

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